Does anyone use winamp for listening to podcasts?

Winamp has two bundled plugins that look like they would be really great if they actually worked.

Shoutcast wire: This plugin allows you to subscribe to podcasts. The subscribe part works, but then it falls apart.

  • You cannot change the title of a podcast, it uses the title in the feed which leads to…
  • You cannot have two feeds with the same title. Therefore if you have two sites which titled their feeds as “Podcast”, you can only subscribe to one of them.
  • It doesn’t actually download anything automatically. You have to go in and select each item for download manually.
  • The files that it downloads don’t go onto a playlist or something for you to queue.

Portable Music Player: This supports sync and fill of portable music devices. The “Send to *device*” menu item works great.

  • I can’t figure out quite what the difference between Playlist sync, Library Sync, and Autofill.
  • Playlist Sync cannot sync to smart playlists, only static ones.
  • None of the sync or fill options can pull from the “now playing” playlist, or from the podcast downloads.

It shouldn’t be so hard. All I want is something that will download podcasts, and let me listen to them on the computer or the portable device. What I do is subscribe to the feeds in google reader and save the mp3 files to the desktop, then I enqueue them in winamp and listen to them. Before I go home at the end of the day, I select all remaining files in the playlist and right-click to “Sent to portable”. After it has transfered them to the mp3 player, then I delete them from the desktop. Seems like it should be easier.

4 thoughts on “Does anyone use winamp for listening to podcasts?”

  1. Jeremy, I just found after looking on the Internet for more information about the Winamp new sync feature via ActiveSync.
    I have successfully tried to sync playlists, but like you I tried to understand what the other sync options are. I could not really understand, so I tried them, but had not any success with them. So I have had a look n the Internet, but could not find any tutorial :( even on Winamp’s help and website I couldn’t find much help.
    So if you can find what: Library Sync, and Autofill are and how to use it, I would be very grateful if you could share this with us.

    I was also looking for a way to sync podcast via Winamp to my PPC. That would be a great feature !!

  2. I thought you actually meant “are you using Winamp for recording your podcasts”, the title is kind of misleading for those who stand from the other side :)


  3. I’m still looking for a solution to the same problem.

    I’ve tried the ML_ipod plugin that replaces Winamp’s built-in ipod support but there’s still no automatic synch that I can get to work…

    did you ever get a solution?

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